Out of Many We Are One

2011 NAMMY Award Winner

Best Song Single of the Year

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we-are-oneInspiration comes in many forms for artists like Thomasina Levy and Joanie Spear, two accomplished Litchfield musicians who have collaborated on a unique project based on the words of a president. Personal experiences, daily routines, family and friends, and nature are just some of the themes that have supplied stimulus for the work of Levy and Spear.

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Teaching Artist

A teaching artist is an artist who teaches and integrates her art form into a school’s curriculum. With a Master of Science degree in Education, Thomasina uses music, poetry and visual arts to help students of all ages discover their own creative abilities throughout the United States. with-kidsIn January of 1999, she was accepted to become part of the Connecticut Commission on the Arts’ Master Teaching Artist Program. In addition, her four years of studies and graduation as a Facilitator of Music Improvisation with Grammy Award winning cellist, David Darling and Music for People reaffirm her belief that music is in each one of us and is just waiting for the right time to emerge.

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singing-hands-out-2Thomasina was selected to be Connecticut State Troubadour for 2005 & 2006. This highly esteemed and honorary position allowed her to be Connecticut’s Ambassador for music and song. Thomasina is an internationally recognized mountain dulcimer player, singer, and songwriter whose performances weave together the best of traditional and contemporary folk music. Her music has been aired in over twenty countries across the globe. Called a “charismatic” performer, she touches audiences with a simplicity, humanity, and strength drawn from the deep roots of the folk tradition. Her freshness and vitality surprise people, often evoking unexpected emotional responses from first time audiences and loyal fans alike.

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Dulcimer Player

3-dulcimersThomasina discovered the sweet sounds of the mountain dulcimer in the hills of West Virginia. She was immediately captivated by the sounds of this amazing instrument after her first strum. Thomasina has studied music on the violin, piano, and guitar, but no other instrument speaks to her like the mountain dulcimer. After years of work on the dulcimer, Thomasina’s unique and complex adaptation of the instrument with its sweet, simple sound has become one of her trademarks. Her voice has been described as “both sweet and strong with a moving spiritual strain.” Her original and traditional dulcimer compositions and arrangements appeal to a wide range of audiences – from children to grandparents.

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"Thomasina is an excellent teacher. Very patient. Provided us with appropriate music – gave attention to each student."

"Just a quick e-note to say i LOVE your CD!!! WOW. It's just fabulous! Gorgeous songs, your amazing voice, incredible musicality, and such tasteful beautiful arrangements!!! I just totally love it." - Joanne Hammil

"Her impact on the entire fourth grade, as well as the entire school, was tremendous... She enthusiastically involved students in a variety of activities that integrated math, language arts, social studies, science and the arts... truly outstanding projects and programs." - Richard L. Watson, Principal, Myrtle Stevens School, Rocky Hill, CT

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A Singing Circle The first two instruments are the human heart (source of all rhythm) and the voice. Come join the group in a joyful hour of singing a variety of chants, songs, rounds and sounds. Feel free to bring your own song or round to teach and present to the circle. No musical experience required.

Mountain Dulcimer Discovery Workshop (novice) This workshop is designed for those who have always wanted to try to play the mountain dulcimer but never had the opportunity to do so.  Students will be introduced to basic strumming patterns and terminology. Some simple songs will be taught, as well as how to tune your instrument.

Let’s Write a Song - This multi-day workshop leads students through the process of learning how to write their own songs. Themes and topics are endless... frequently schools will pick a theme that ties in with a specific academic topic in the school’s curriculum. At the end of the program students perform their original song before a selected audience.

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